[Reinstatments] Damian Atshuki

Section for reinstatement and transfer requests.

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Damian Atshuki
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[Reinstatments] Damian Atshuki

Post by Damian Atshuki » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:36 am

Format Application Reinstatement SAPD
A.The first session
1.1) Full Name: Damian Atshuki
1.2) Your gender: Male
1.3) Your phone number: -

B.The second session
2.1) What rank you were before: Police Officer I
2.2) Did you ever make a mistake in the SAPD team: Belum
2.3) Join Date: 28/12/2017
2.4) Date abandoned: Udah lupa

C.Third session
3.1) Why did you leave the Police Department: Karena saya di keluarin tanpa jelas, dan kurang sopan
3.2) Are you sure to return to the Police Department:? Karena saya mau mengembangkan skill saya kepada Police Departmenet
3.3) Why we SAPD team should accept you in SAPD again:? Saya janji akan menjaga nama baik San Andres Police Departement
3.4) What do you do when you get out of the SAPD:? Di kick tanpa alasan yang jelas

(( D.Fourth OOC session ))
4.1) (( Nama lengkap )): Gazali Nuur
4.2) (( Tempat & tanggal lahir )): Padang, sumatra baray
4.3) (( Kirim foto Kartu Pelajar/KK/KTP ke Facebook )):https://www.facebook.com/gazalikecew?fr ... riends.all
Firstname LastnameDamian Atshuki
Firstname Lastname[/divbox]

San Andreas Police Departement
Name : Damian Atshuki
• Rank : Police Officer I
• Badge : 020
• Divisions : -
• Shift : Both Shift
• Member Since: #020
₪ Police Officer.


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Re: [Reinstatments] Damian Atshuki

Post by Noble Stuart » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:18 am

(( Silahkan kirim foto KK/Kartu Pelajar/KTP ke FB saya Disini atau PM ke forum saya @DxRemixZ ))
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